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  • Blooper: Since most of the series is first filmed live on streams then cut down into episodic highlights, there are many behind-the-scenes bumps in the recording process that don't make it into the YouTube videos.
    • Near the end of Day 1, Cruppy accidentally and briefly "turned into a woman", showing that Cruppy is played by an admin and isn't a bot.
    • From the start of the SMP, there have been many technical difficulties regarding server mechanisms, resulting in bloopers moments plaguing various livestreams, such as the Great Thrasher showing up way sooner than intended when a player is in the water. This, of course, isn't including ones resulting from human error, like creators accidentally joining the wrong voice-chat group.
    • The Denholm brothers' reconciliation and unofficial Dipper retrieval quest on Day 3 had to restart twice, first because Acho had some issues with setting the right music for the scene, and second because a zombie interrupted the conversation and had to be killed. And then Krow shows up halfway through the conversation, gets sent a private message that lore is happening, and has to find the flimsiest excuse to remove himself from the scene.
    • On Day 8, Michela's dad walks in on her livestream to show her what he got from Costco, and Michela has to shoo him out.
    • On Day 29, while Acho is trying to have an emotional monologue to the stars, he's interrupted twice — first by a random squid flying off the Town Center docks, then by Michela pretending to be a fish while looking for the other Nightingales who were off to visit the Bounty Hall.
  • The Danza: As standard for a Minecraft SMP, the characters typically share a name with the content creators they're respectively portrayed by, or go by a similar alias.
  • Descended Creator: Many of the server admins play NPC characters as well as working behind the scenes, most notably Mark MrMadSpy playing the Sun God.
  • Directed by Cast Member: POWCreations founders Apokuna and OwengeJuice both play POV characters in the series, on top of testing out server mechanisms and working on parts of the worldbuilding. It's also for this reason that Owen as a character doesn't get involved with the banana stock market, because his content creator counterpart knows when it goes up or down and him participating would be considered unfair.
  • Enforced Method Acting: None of the SMP members knew Aimsey and Guqqie were dying on Day 1 other than the two creators themselves, so they found out at the same time as the viewers and their reactions are entirely genuine.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: On Tumblr, the Pirates SMP fandom uses the tag "Scurvyblr" as a designation to avoid conflicts in tagging on the site.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: According to Seapeekay's Behind the Scenes video for SMP Launch Day, the Faction Representatives don't exist in-game; the books listing everyone's potential faction were already written and whenever he "consults" the Representatives, he's just there to check and collect the books. However, since his Recruitment Officer NPC's instruction book directs him on what to say during the improv roleplay, the Representatives likely do exist in-universe as Unknown Characters.
  • He Also Did: POWCreations, composed of Apokuna and OwengeJuiceTV, has also hosted Rats SMP from October 2022 to January 2023, which is also not only heavily modded, but roleplay-heavy as well.
  • Tribute to Fido: As with just about every other Minecraft series he's in, Scar's feline companion Jellie is based on her real-life counterpart in appearance, given her addition to the game in the 1.14 "Village and Pillage" update.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • According to Owen, some rejected pirate faction names include Kingfishers, Puffins, Penguins, Seagulls, and Pigeons.
    • The earliest plans for Scott's character were that he would be a mer pretending to be human, but the idea of archetypical mythological creatures existing in the Pirates universe eventually phased out. Scott the content creator later carried out a similar idea in Limited Life, i.e. Season 4 of the Life SMP, instead.
    • What Martyn's stream chat manifested as came from the result of a poll; they are currently his boot rats, but the other option in the poll was parrots.
    • Apokuna originally had other lore plans for the bounty on him, but Kyle went through with the stabbing job on Day 33 (August 31) before Apo could act on them.
    • One of Acho's alternate storylines involved star joining the Kite faction (as opposed to just choosing between Herons and Nightingales as in canon), but the idea was ultimately scrapped because Acho the content creator didn't want to play such a character in the end.
  • Word of Gay:
    • Prior to the start of the SMP, Owen has confirmed that his character on the server is pan and uses he/her pronouns.
    • Bek has stated that her character on the SMP is aromantic asexual.
  • You Might Remember Me from...:
    • Acho, Apokuna, Bek, Eloise, Krow, Martyn, Oli, Olive (as Oliver), Owen, Scott, Shelby, Sniff, Tubbo, and Will are all returning members from the Rats SMP, while Aimsey, Guqqie, Kyle, Seapeekay, and Water made guest appearances in that series.
    • Scott, Sausage, Oli, Seapeekay, Shelby, Martyn, Scar, and Owen are all members of the New Life SMP (the latter as Sparrow), with the former five also being on its predecessor series, Afterlife SMP.
    • In addition to the above, Scott, Sausage, Oli, Shelby, Martyn, and Owen have all been on the Empires SMP, particularly in Season 2, either as a full-time member or a guest. Cleo and Scar were also on the SMP via its crossover with the Hermitcraft Server and vice versa, with Martyn hosting a Hermitcraft charity event briefly before the crossover. Meanwhile, Eloise makes a guest appearance in Sausage's Season 2 finale voicing his dog, Bubbles.
    • Related to the above, Scott, Cleo, Martyn, and Scar have played on all four seasons of the Life SMP thus far.
    • Scott, Cleo, Eloise, and Shelby were all on the WitchCraft SMP, with Sausage and Oli making guest appearances in Eloise's episodes.
    • Acho, Aimsey, Bek, Eloise, Guqqie, Michela, Scott, and Shelby are all on the Area Unknown SMP.
    • Members of the Outsiders SMP on the server include Acho, Apokuna, Bek, Eloise (as Soup), Graecie, Krow, Kyle, Owen, and Red. Willow, Scott, and Water have also made appearances as NPCs.
    • Aimsey, Scott, and Tubbo were on the Origins SMP.
    • Tubbo, Puffy, Eret, and Seapeekay were all members of the Dream SMP, where Scott also makes a brief, non-canonical, voice-only appearance on the server at some point.
    • In an example that for once does not include Scott Smajor in any shape or form, Reddoons has been on the Lifesteal SMP since its third season.